On a warm day in July 2009, we began the seemingly impossible task of trying to secure custody of an endangered child.  After another Charlotte law firm abandon our case, we walked the streets calling friends and trying to find someone who would help us.  An even higher hurdle for us, was finding someone to represent us.  The definition of “us” in our family is two gay men – in North Carolina- and only one of us part of our child’s lineage.  We were told to call Sodoma Law. They took the time to hear our story and cleared their calendar to meet with us that same day.

That single call changed our life forever.

With less than a week to prepare and what seemed insurmountable obstacles, Sodoma astounded us in every way.  Their legal knowledge and commitment to protect our child, coupled with their genuine care and concern showed us that we were not alone.

Sodoma’s remarkable group of attorneys and staff didn’t see us as a file or a date on a court docket.  They helped us through every step of our journey.  We know that without their expertise, commitment and determination, we probably wouldn’t have our son now.

It was clear to us that Sodoma places value on fairness, equality, kindness and compassion.


A.R.T. at Sodoma Law Client